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Designing a living room may feel like a daunting process. It's the largest space in your home, after all. But with a good plan, you can create the living room you always dreamt of. If you're looking to learn more about designing a living room concept continue reading, we spoke to experts from LIV Design who outlined the seven steps one should keep in mind when planning out your new interiors.

Measure Your Space
Measure Your Space

Measure Your Space

So, You start thinking about the changes you are going to make to your living room decoration but before you need to accurately measure the area. Keep in mind that planning ahead and measuring will ensure you select the correct sizes for your living room furniture and accessories, well, if they don't fit the space as you have hoped that would be an extra hassle.

What are Your Intentions?

You must have a clear idea of how would you like to use your living room space before you even think of starting the design process. The reality is that there is no one size that fits all. Personally, my living room area goals were: conversations when we have guests & relaxation when we do not, so I grouped furniture in a way to maximize conversation and allowed me to sit in a way that I could read while viewing the scenery through the window. It is also important that when you start laying out ideas you need to be realistic, meaning don't start laying off ideas you saw in magazines or another interior designer, you need need to be sure that the ideas you are jotting down reflect your lifestyle and your personality, see what you need for that room and make sure it’s designed in a way that serves your needs.

Focus In On Your Aesthetic

Are you looking for modern vibes or you are looking for that romantic feel? Well, It could be challenging to set the direction that you want to take on your living area design, If you find that you are overwhelming yourself with decor styles, there is no rule that you should commit to one style but building a general look is so important. When this decision is finalized, the fun part starts… Exploring all your favorite resources for that hit of inspiration, you can find plenty of resources that match your style online, our partner designer from LIV design always goes back through interior design books & Pinterest, she suggests that you have at least 10 images to get inspired per room.

Mood Board
Mood Board

Make a "Room Board"

Before you start buying and spending you need to know how the furniture you are going to invest in will function in your space, You should grab all images of the furniture you wish to buy and make a room board this will help you get a clear vision and how the space will look and how the pieces will function together before you get them home. This will also help you spot any mistakes before it’s too late to fix them.

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Get Shopping

Buying home furniture could be quite pricey! So you may not want to buy everything at once, our suggestion is to think BIG, yes literally, Start by buying the larger pieces to fill the room like Sofas, rugs, and sideboard, and start building from there.

‘TIP’ Always invest in the best sofa you can afford at that time, why? Because if you plan to spend most of the time in your living room on that sofa you need it to be comfortable and the best you can afford… you won’t regret this.

Address Your Walls

Addressing the walls in your area is super important also and they should never be left blank. Wall decor is essential for every living area on the planet, and it needs to be acknowledged as an opportunity to add more character to your space

House Plants
House Plants

Don't Forget About Greenery

Plants will add a finishing touch to the space and the greenery will enhance your mood. Adding plants comes with a lot of benefits, for example; Plants release oxygen that absorbs the harmful chemical carbon dioxide and the most obvious benefit is it will visually enhance any room.