Not all of us are settled in beautiful properties with stunning architectural design features. While houses of characters and townhouses may already be steeped in character and have certain period details that ooze charm, there’s no reason a more modern property such as a penthouse or modern apartment studio can’t induce the same atmosphere. A carefully curated colour palette and different furnishings can evoke character and warmth in a newly-built or refreshed apartment.

This is where we come in – H.O.L.A. collection provides a range of indoor and outdoor furniture for all the different spaces in your home, as well as home decór such as rugs, clocks, and vases. By picking and choosing among these items, you can create your dream ambience. Also, we have partnered with Liv Design to offer world-class design service and very good rates.   Read on to inspire you with all our options for all sorts of different homes.

Mellieha Penthouse


The best aspects of owning a penthouse are the luxurious outdoor space and all the warm, natural light flooding your home.

It’s a must to curate the outdoor furniture in Malta given the beautiful weather we tend to have nearly all year round. Take advantage of this space by creating a charming setting for BBQs, family gatherings, drinks, and much more. One way to do this is to pick a theme; what’s your aesthetic? Your outdoor area can have any look, but you need to pick a theme that works with the surroundings. The background of the outdoor space must be taken into account - part of which is your penthouse.

Natural-looking themes tend to be easier to work with outdoors. For example, this cross two-seat sofa from Emu is quite contemporary, with rigid lines outlining the sofa, but incorporates a basket weave that characterises the backrest, a tribute to the tradition of master weavers. It comes with a matching counterpart, the cross armchair. Surround this seating area with greenery (you can use this planter to add sophistication), decorations (such as this beautiful lantern) and provide lots of cushions.

Apartment Studio

Modern Apartment Studio

An apartment studio tends to be smaller in space, given that everything coexists in one room. While this may give a cluttered feel to your home, don’t let the lack of space deter you. You can create space as well as character by choosing your furnishings and fixtures appropriately.

One of the ways to add personality in a small space is to review your lighting. In Malta, although we get a lot of natural sunlight, this can be blocked off by other blocks of apartments surrounding you. This is why adding lighting touches on already-existing surfaces, such as lamps, can add warmth and charm to a space. If opting for a rustic yet minimalist style, go for the Christina table lamp. The exposed bulb is paired with a smoked glass dome that adds sophistication.

House of Character

Houses of character are literally that - full of character! Luckily, most of the work is done for you when living in such a home, as the architectural features add a lot of personality. However, this is not to say that there aren’t choices for you to make. You need to make sure that the furniture and decór match the style of the house.

A neutral and warm colour palette (particularly shades of brown) tends to thrive in houses of character. To obtain such furniture in Malta, H.O.L.A is exactly where you should be. The BALY dining table from Eforma offers a rich wood top in canaletto walnut, while you can opt for different colours for the metal base. The Alva Chair from Bizzotto makes a stunning addition to the table, particularly in taupe.


In a townhouse, you have the luxury of space. This means there are a lot of options when it comes to adding character to your home.

For example, armchairs in Malta are not particularly popular, but this is an addition that makes sense to a house with lots of space. You can obtain the Charlie Chair from Light & Living, available in two stunning shades; dark green and caramel, and dedicate a reading nook or a just a place to relax around the house. To give this space a certain definition, you can opt for a rug underneath that would act as a “border” of sorts, such as the Durla Rug, also from Light & Living. When adding this rug, you can then place a little table on top to balance your coffee or tea and a floor lamp to help you read (such as the Contina Floor Lamp from Nordlux, which comes with a rotating lamp head).

That concludes our blog - we hope it was inspiring for your future purchases!

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