Hints and tips on how to go about choosing the perfect dining chairs for your dining room.

After the bedroom, undoubtedly the room in which we create most memories and spend the most time in is definitely the dining room.  The dining area in each home is the space where we indulge ourselves in our favorite dishes, have long conversations with our loved ones, and share unforgettable moments with our family and friends (and pets).  Choosing and getting the perfect dining chairs is significantly essential as it makes your space more comfortable and homely. Create an intriguing space for your loved ones, by following our hints below.

Start by measuring your space.

Measure your dining area and your table.  You would want a perfect fit that complements your style and space.  Make the most out of your space and create a style that is eye-pleasing and consistent with the rest of the room and furnishings.  Different styles reflect moods, personality types, and the home’s character.  The next decision to be taken is the number of seats required to complete your dining space to ensure you always have a great dining experience.  Once you’re revamping your dining space, you might also want to change the table and cabinets inside the dining room and also add a number of stools and poufs to enhance your decor.

In general oval and rectangular tables tend to accommodate more chairs whereas square tables usually accommodate 4.  When measuring your space go into the nitty-gritty detail such as the tabletop thickness and the height of the table, to ensure you opt for the best fits.


Size up space between chairs and table

Once all the necessary dimensions have been measured, it is then time to make choices based on the available space.  In a nutshell, the following are best practices:

On average chairs are approximately 18 - 20 inches across, however, increase when the seats have arms.

When planning the layout with the exact number of chairs around the table it is always advisable to leave around 6 inches between each chair.
When the seating arrangement is close to your divider walls or wall units, commonly we advise clients to leave 36 inches between the chair and the wall or some other home furniture.  Always make the most out of your space and keep comfort as a top priority, together with the obvious aesthetic look and feel. Avoid having a space that is cluttered and requires individuals to stretch and push their chairs back.  When purchasing chairs, one might want to buy some additional chairs, say two, so that when friends are invited over you have more seating capacity!  Here at H.O.L.A. collection one would find special prices on bunches of 4, 6, and 8 chairs.

Next in line is picking the right dining chair style and material

What is the overall colour scheme of the room?

Simplistic vs Elaborate - what is your favourite style?

What is the overall look and feel you’re going for?

Is space an issue?

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Combining Style with Function

With the trend of working from home one might want chairs ideal to sit for longer timeframes - in this case go for upholstered seats.  If the style you’re after is breezy and lighter then go for basic wooden chairs with clean lines and open backs.  If you have young kids go for something robust and plain and if you use your dining area for mingling then put comfort as a priority topper.  Arms and upholstery add that level of comfort for you.


When opting for a particular texture, keep in mind the consistency of other furniture and ornaments in the room and how practical it is to clean stains.  Smooth materials such as leather always give a solid look and feel and are rather simple to clean.  In 2022, chrome and metal chairs have been trending.  

Keep in mind these same hints and tips when choosing chairs for your outdoor space, since they are still totally relevant to your BBQ area or roof garden.  When in doubt feel free to reach out to our interior designers for that additional flair to set up your space.

Mix and Match

Don't hesitate to blend different styles around the same table.  A common occurrence is to have dining chairs with arms at the table end and chairs without arms around the rest of the table.

We’re here to help.  Chat with us and ask us any questions you may have, anytime!