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3-Chamber Microgel Feather Pillow


Dreamhouse 3-Chamber Microgel Feather Pillow

This Dreamhouse 3-Chamber feather pillow with microgel is a comfortable and firm pillow on which you can enjoy your night’s sleep undisturbed. This microgel pillow provides support to your neck, back and shoulders while sleeping.

Lovely soft pillow

This wonderfully soft Dreamhouse 3-Chamber springs provide the necessary support while sleeping. This 3-chamber cushion is divided inside into 3 parts or 3 chambers. On the inside it is filled with white goose feathers. Not only your neck is supported while sleeping, but your shoulders and back also receive the necessary support. Really a soft and firm pillow on which you can dream away again and again.

Made from quality materials

This high-quality Dreamhouse 3-Chamber feather pillow with microgel has a cover of 100% cotton percale T233 TC. The bottom and top are filled with 120 gsm microgel polyester. You can enjoy this sturdy pillow every time.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Dreamhouse
  • Total weight: ± 1500 grams
  • Size: 50 x 70 cm
  • Ticking: 100% cotton percale T233 TC
  • Bottom and top: 120gsm microgel polyester
  • Core: white goose feathers
  • Cushion height: ±10 cm
  • Suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers
  • Silverbies
  • Hardness is medium/firm
  • Fine finish
  • Luxury packaged
  • Washable at 40 degrees
  • Anti allergic
  • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Available To Order

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