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KELIM MOTIFS offers a consummate blend of playful kilim patterns – a salutation steeped in substance.These are carpets that tell the tale of traditional techniques, and materials married with the influences and demands of modern times. Today’s zeitgeist is about naturalness and comfort in one, a sense of authenticity that even such a modern-day design has every ability to convey. The canvas for this work of art is provided by fine, hand-woven New Zealand wool, with elaborate embroidery carefully crafted by hand. As each stitch progresses, it unveils two totally different designs, rooted in a classic heritage, yet wrapped in contemporary clothing. A revelation of 12 combinations of totally different natural colours. What more can one say? – It warms the heart. Our underlying inspiration for this design came from kilim carpets, adorned with ornamental patterns since time immemorial. Traditional diamonds, overlapping, softly rounded, disclosing an endless splendour of flowers. Yet everything is reduced to a single line, restrained in terms of colour, taking a leap into modernity. No, it’s not a trick, or is it? The line is endless, running from one blossom to the next, like the needle stitching each flowing pattern by hand. Into a small work of art.

Manufacturing technique: handwoven & handstitched
Material: New Zealand wool
Total height: approx.. 9 mm
Total weight: approx.. 2,1 kg/sqm
Floor heating: suitable with floor heating
Electrostatic behaviour: antistatic
Acoustic behaviour: weakly sound absorbing
Ability to restore: good capability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides.
size: 200×300

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