Weighted Neckwrap – Standard


Swiss Nights Weighted Neck Wrap – Standard

Swiss Nights Weighted Neckwrap is a must-have to reduce neck or shoulder complaints. This weighted neck pillow provides relaxation, better posture and increases concentration.

Helps relieve tension and ease pain

With the Dreamhouse Weighted Neckwrap you prevent tension in your neck and it soothes neck pain. This weighted neck pillow gives a wonderful deep pressure to shoulder and neck muscles. This provides the necessary relaxation, reduces pain and improves blood circulation. In addition, the deep pressure contributes to better concentration, better stimulus processing, reduction of stress and better relaxation. This means that this neck pillow can be used in several places. Use it at work, on the road, but also after a long and tiring day at home on the couch

Ticking of 100% micropercale

The Dreamhouse Weighted Neckwrap feels nice and soft and comfortable. It has a cover of 100% sustainable micropercale. The use of this material makes it feel wonderfully cool in the summer and produces the warmth you need in the winter. In addition, the pillow has a filling of polyester with micro glass beads 200gsm.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Dreamhouse
  • Collection: Weighted
  • Weighted neck pillow/blanket
  • Size: 57 x 57 cm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Colour: anthracite

Ticking: 100% micropercal (microfiber)

  • Filling: polyester with micro glass beads 200gsm
  • Individually stitched grids of 10 x 10 cm
  • Supplied in a luxury box
  • Maximum relaxation
  • Comfortable cover
  • Less stress
  • Sit relaxed during your work, while traveling or at home
  • The clay beads provide deep tissue stimulation that helps relieve tension, soothe pain, relax aching muscles, joints, back/neck
  • Also available with a minky cover (extra luxurious and soft quality)

Available To Order

additional information

Available To Order – Please Allow 14-21 Working Days For Delivery

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